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The bluestone (copper sulphate) is one of the most frequently used copper-containing fungicides, which have fungicidical and bactericidal action and protective functions.  Unlike other copper fungicides, copper sulphate is well water-soluble.
In agriculture is mainly used in the form of 1 or 2% bordolese solution.

Technical characteristics of the blue stone (copper sulphate)

  • Copper sulphate % - min.  99.1
  • Copper % - min 25.0
  • Arsenic % - Max.  0.002
  • Free sulfuric acid % - Max.  0.20
  • Insoluble residue % - Max.  0.05


Indicative standards for fertilization

The bordolese solution is prepared by mixing 100 liter of water is with 1 or 2 kg. bluestone and approximately the double quantity of raw lime.
The bluestone is used for winter spraying of plantations (2%), post flowering spraying (1%), in viticulture for combating the couses of mildew (from 1% to 3%), by other plants against bacterial and fungal diseases and as a mean for decontamination of seeds

Briefly the role of individual elements:

Азот Nitrogen - an element of growth, a key to the formation of vegetative organs.
Фосфор Phosphorus - participates in vital processes - formation of cell nuclei, cell division, synthesis of fats, transmission of energy.  Contributes to the formation of generative organs - color, seed.  Stimulates the root formation, very important for the sustainability of crop.
Калий Potassium - participates in all vital processes, regulates activities of a large number of enzymes.  Plants which are well provided with potassium are resistant to drought, have thicker cell walls and suffer less from diseases and enemies.
Магнезий Magnesium - activates certain enzymes involved in synthesis of proteins and transformation of phosphorus compounds, etc.
Калций Calcium - necessary for growth, cell division and photosynthesis, regulates physical state of cell colloids, maintains the optimum tissue buffering.
Сяра Sulfur - an integral part of the amino acids methionine and cystine, which build proteins; an extremely important element for the crops with fatty metabolism.
Бор Bor - an important role in fertilization and fructification. Raises fat content of sunflower
Zinc - activates a range of enzymes, stimulates synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates.
Желязо Iron - an important constituent of chlorophyll.
Манган Manganese - activates enzymes, which participate in the formation of chlorophyll, the transmission of energy, in photosynthesis and the formation of proteins.