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Potassium chloride

Potassium chloride is the most popular potassium fertilizer, 100% natural product in the form of granules - red in color, treated with anti-fray ingredients and with very good solubility.

The potassium is an essential element, which supports the full absorption of all the other nutrients.  Plants which are well provided with potassium are resistant to drought, frost, and other stress situations.  In the case of the grain for example, plants with an ensured ammount of potassium have thicker cell walls, which increases their resilience to fungal diseases and assault by enemies.

It is mainly applied in the basic treatment of the soil in the autumn.  In light soils is to be used in the spring.
Purpose: sunflower, beet, vitis, wheat, maize and others.

Technical characteristics of potassium chloride

Appearance - red granules
Content of KCL % - at least 95.00
Active substance % - at least 60.00
Moisture % - up to 1.00
Spread % - 100

Usage of potassium chloride

Grain crpos- 10-16 kg/decares
Vineyards and fruit - 14-20 kg/decares
Root and tuberous plants 24-30 kg/decares
Oleaginous plants - 16-26 kg/decares