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Phosphorite powder

The phosphate fertilizer is obtained by enrichment of natural calcium phosphite, which makes it particularly suitable source of phosphorus in organic farming. It is a multicomponent fertilizer since, except phosphorus and calcium, contains other important for plants macro and micro-nutrients - sulfur, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and others.  The high content of phosphorus and calcium makes it suitable for fertilization with phosphorus, as well as for the reduction of the soil acidity.  Improves the overall condition of the soil.

Briefly the role of individual elements:

Азот Nitrogen - an element of growth, a key to the formation of vegetative organs.
Фосфор Phosphorus - participates in vital processes - formation of cell nuclei, cell division, synthesis of fats, transmission of energy.  Contributes to the formation of generative organs - color, seed.  Stimulates the root formation, very important for the sustainability of crop.
Калий Potassium - participates in all vital processes, regulates activities of a large number of enzymes.  Plants which are well provided with potassium are resistant to drought, have thicker cell walls and suffer less from diseases and enemies.
Магнезий Magnesium - activates certain enzymes involved in synthesis of proteins and transformation of phosphorus compounds, etc.
Калций Calcium - necessary for growth, cell division and photosynthesis, regulates physical state of cell colloids, maintains the optimum tissue buffering.
Сяра Sulfur - an integral part of the amino acids methionine and cystine, which build proteins; an extremely important element for the crops with fatty metabolism.
Бор Bor - an important role in fertilization and fructification. Raises fat content of sunflower
Zinc - activates a range of enzymes, stimulates synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates.
Желязо Iron - an important constituent of chlorophyll.
Манган Manganese - activates enzymes, which participate in the formation of chlorophyll, the transmission of energy, in photosynthesis and the formation of proteins.