Mineral fertilizers

МАP-Monoamonium phosphate

Highly concentrated und highly effective fertilizer.
Advantage- you buy one fertilizer, but you introduce two basic elements nitrogen and phosphorus.  This favors the better absorbtion and reduces the consumption of labor and funds.

It shall be introduced with the main treatment of the soil or in the pre-sowing period.  Especially suitable for pre-sowing fertilization of autumn crops, cotton, potatoes, in which nitrogen is given as a nourishing element for the vegetation.

Shortages of phosphorus have a negative effect on flower- formation, seeds and fruits and accordingly leads to lower yields.

МАP-Monoamonium phosphate is an appropriate mean to increase the yield and the quality of the production.

Produced in Russia.


Technical characteristics

Appearance – white granules
Posphorus (P2O5) - min.  52.0 %
Nitrogen (N) - min.  12.0 %


Indicative standards for fertilization

Wheat - 12-20
Barley - 12-18
Rye - 11
Maize - 10-17
Potatoes - 20-26
Sunflower - 17-26
Rape - 10-20
Tomatoes - 22-35
Pepper - 20-36
Cabbage - 20-34
Fruit - 14-24
Vine - 12-22